Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweat And Acne

Explanation by Dan (Video).

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Causes of pimples: drugs and acne and popping pimples

Speaking about smoking and pimples, we can say that causes of pimples can be different. Let’s count: severe depressions called by continuous smoking, “bad” hormonal changes that affect skin, non-inflammation processes that result in “smoker’s acne” and popping pimples. Today let’s speak about drugs and acne – this tie-up has hormonal changes as its basis.

Personally I know few people that got acne and popping pimples after they had begun smoking weed. But many experiments have shown no straight evidence of smoking weed to be one of the causes of pimples. Thus researchers say that pot affects hormonal balance. For example, Journal of Clinical Pharmacology had an article on this subject. Its author stated that smoking men have lesser sperm count which is called by hormonal disorder. Let’s say – if their reproductive health is damaged, chances of skin disorders are really big.

Cocaine use also can be one of the causes of pimples. Relations of this kind of drugs and acne lay in increased levels of testosterone of those who use cocaine. Too much testosterone is bound to lead to early baldness and bad skin condition. You can observe this effect even without cocaine use – just visit gym for a few weeks, and you’ll get some popping pimples. It’s because of high testosterone levels of those who do exercises and… use cocaine. The same effect has “ecstasy” (MDMA) usage. Levels of testosterone are 75% higher – with such bad hormonal balance acne is one of the smallest problems for addicts.

Drugs and acne have few non-straight relations. Usage of narcotic substances has a great stress effect on the organism. It’s a well-known fact that stress is one of the main purposes of pimples to pop up. So be careful and don’t exchange your health for “nothing”.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

About marijuana and acne problems

pot and acneMy friend knows how to get rid of smokers acne. I mean not tobacco but pot pimples. It’s simple – you must be caught when doing some messy thing and put to a jail! This is a real life story about a boy of “pot and acne” kind, about marijuana and acne, about smoking and pimples connection.

Around a year ago my friend John was socializing with his friends at the backyard of a school. It was almost night and weekend, so they thought no one will see them. And then – BAH! As it appeared to be later, John was smoking weed. His “friends” told it was his weed. John was 22 – his friends were around 16-17. So Judge Tennyson sentenced him for three years in prison – only him.

Let me tell you the pre-story. John had severe acne problems. His face was like that of Stephen King’s character from “Christine”. Like a pizza – all covered with acne. John faced this problem when he was 18. Before then his face was almost all right, like everybody’s. At the age of 18 John began smoking weed (pimples – almost none). And after few months all those acne problems started. We haven’t thought that marijuana and acne are connected! But in his case it appeared to be so. Much later.

John tried everything. He washed his face with Clearasil two times a day, then three time, four, five – no effect. John’s mother (she also didn’t know he smoked marijuana and acne problems were because of it) tried to treat her son’s acne with different home measures – some extractions and so on. No effect. He even visited dermatologist and cosmetologist. The only thing John didn’t do – he never spoke about smoking pot and acne possible connection.

Few days ago I was waiting for John with his mother near the prison checkpoint (she asked me to come with her). He behaved very well and court approved a decision to let John leave the prison. You probably won’t believe me, but when I saw John – I didn’t believe my own eyes. His face was perfectly clear. During this last year he was not smoking and pimples had left him for good.

What do you think about marijuana and acne connection?
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Smoking and acne - last is not the only thing

smoking women
The more I search for new information about smoking and acne, the more news I find about actions taken to shorten smoking women death roll. It’s known that women smoke as much as men and even more in some countries. Men need to quit for only several weeks before impregnation to guarantee that baby’s damage will be the least, while women need several months of no-smoking before they become pregnant with healthy babies. There is always a threat because children are more likely to born sick if their mothers are smokers. Scientists are up and working on this problem.

Today anti-smoking organizations have found new way to advertise healthy life without smoking to women. It’s so called “let’s look how your beauty will fade in 10 years if you don’t quit” program. Authors of the program gained possibility to create images of one’s face in future by using special morphine technology – “state-of-the-art” age progression. Joining this research every woman could see how she will look after ten years if she quits, and if not. You just see two copies of yourself – one good and one bad – with all your wrinkles brought by smoking, and acne, an all other possible consequences. Striking fact – this method works. Certain experiments were held to prove its efficiency.

34 young women took part in this research – aged from 18 to 34. Over 20 of them told after seeing two of their future faces that they will quit smoking for good because they are horrified. Many of them had smoker’s acne on those i-am-a-asmoker images – smoking and acne are connected, you know. Doctor Sarah Grogan – Project Leader – told us, that women are very interested in keeping their beauty for long time. This looks like a key factor of the whole thing. According to her words, lot’s of women experienced reaction of physical shock (even nausea).

Now researchers think about second part of their research – they would like to test those women again after five months from now – to see if any of them really quit. Do you want my opinion? I think none of them will quit. But researchers think another way. They hope to wider next research of this kind.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Smoking and acne of postadolescent type

smoking and acne
Long time no see, my friends. But now I’m back – and so is my part of global information campaign set to discuss smoking-acne in masses. Here is one of the last researches on this theme. Specialists determined that smoking tobacco has certain influence on appearance of the most common type of postadolescent acne - CPAA. Read further to find more information about smoking-acne connection.

The results of this research were published in the issue of the “Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology” in November. Dermatologists examined clinical features of comedonal postadolescent acne (CPAA) and papulopustular postadolescent acne and possible influence smoking has on these two types of adult acne among women.

226 women from 25 to 50 years old took part in this research. 192 of them suffered from CPAA and other 34 – from papulopustular postadolescent acne. 150 women from the whole company were smokers. Remarkable that no data about skin type, diet, stress and other deceases’ influence on these women’s acne was collected during this researches.

According to this research 73% of those 192 women with CPAA were smokers, while only 30% of women with papulopustular postadolescent acne were smokers as well. Even mentioning that no other possible factors except smoking were taking into account and that only 34 women had PPAA comparing to 192 women with CPAA, this research shows us – adult women-smokers are more likely to have CPAA than adult women who do not smoke. This is the main connection between smoking and acne.

What is postadolescent acne and CPAA? Postadolescent acne (or adult acne) is inflammatory type of acne which can be seen on the lower third of the face, on jawline and neck of an adult person. Frequently doctors meet it’s comedonal type characterized by microcomedones and macrocomedones (retention lesions) with rare inflammatory lesions – this is called CPAA.

Here is my conclusion – if you are an adult with CPAA (visit dermatologist to be sure of it), you’ve got to say “bye-bye” to your bad habit. Or just quit it anyway. There is nothing good it can bring.
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Smoking cessation and acne

Are you interested in how smoking cessation affects skin condition – especially how are smoking cessation and acne connected? This article is bound to help you with determining the effect smoking cessation will have on your acne.

It’s wildly known that smoking is the cause of so called smoker’s acne.

The first thing you should know is that smoking cessation will stop their appearance for sure. There are big chances your smoker’s acne will disappear and won’t leave even a scar – if you stop. Thus smoking effect on inflammatory acne is undetermined – some studies have even shown that smoking decreases acne severity by deceleration of inflammatory processes in one’s body.

Smoking cessation and acne is not the only thing – you should also take into account that smoking makes skin age faster. Smoking cessation has plenty good affects on skin besides it helps with non-inflammatory (smokers) acne.

Now – some people say that smoking cessation and acne appearance are connected.

Here is what I have seen on the Internet recently: “Now that I've quit smoking, why am I getting acne like I'm a danged teenager?!”.

“As we've all learned, the act of smoking introduces all kinds of nasty pollutants into our bodies. Being the miracles of nature that they are, our bodies adjust as best they can and do whatever they can to shed the nasty chemical toxins we pour into them with every puff we take on a cigarette. Unfortunately, each cigarette we smoke retards the detoxification process that our bodies are *trying* to engage in. The net effect is an accumulation of toxins inside our bodies along with a shift in the chemical balance inside us (including our hormones.)

One day, we quit smoking. This is a Good Thing but, as we have also learned, it throws our bodies into an upheaval. Suddenly the chemical balance is thrown out of whack again while, at the same time, our bodies start the detoxification process. You've heard people tell new Quitsters to "drink lots of water to help flush out all the toxins". This is good advice and it helps a great deal. However, it's just not fast enough for you body when begins to excrete the toxins in any way it can. Sometimes the toxins are ejected through the soft tissues inside our mouths and through the pores. This causes the well-known Quitzits many Quitsters suffer from. It can also cause tremendous mouth discomfort as cold sores and canker sores erupt inside the mouth and on the lips. This coupled with the hormonal changes that happen (akin to the changes that happen during a woman's menstrual cycle, another time when she's likely to experience more acne than is typical) can lead to some pretty pimply periods. Sore throats are also quite common during this time.

There is also some evidence that there are chemical agents absorbed from cigarette smoke that inhibit the formation of cold sores which only makes their occurrence more likely once you Quit. Finally, many Quitsters suffer from Quitstipation. Since this slow downs a major toxin shedding process, this is one less avenue for the body to rid itself of the nasty chemicals it has been absorbing. If it's any consolation, smoking Quitsters aren't the only people to experience this phenomenon - recovering heroin addicts have been known to develop raging cases of acne, too”

He also wrote that it’s better to wait this effect out.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How I’ve got rid of smoker’s acne

Connection between smoking and acne is not yet well studied. Some researches have shown that smoking lowers intensity of inflammatory processes (thus lowering acne severity), other have shown that smoking only worsens acne condition, some of them have shown nothing. Only recently scientists have found that smoker’s acne (non-inflammatory acne) are caused by smoking itself.

We asked different people to write us about how they have got rid of smoker’s acne.

Pam, 23:

“I have never had acne being a teenager. Never. I don’t know even why I took up smoking at the age of 17 – after a while I started suffering from problems with my skin. Now I am twenty-three – and I feel that things are going better. I quitted smoking (I’ve found about Allen Karr’s book on – and this appeared to be all I need.”

George Moshington, 234:

“As far as I remember acne have always been my main problem. I suffered from acne feeling myself complete shit – and when I started smoking, first I thought that I’m getting better. But no, it was not. After some time I observed that I have new big blemishes on my skin, that are nothing like easy to get rid of.

When I tried and went cold turkey – I have not only raise my self-respect, but also noticed some changes on my skin. I still have oily skin – but now situation gets ever better.”

We also asked dermatologist to make his statement about smoker’s acne, simple acne and effect smoking causes on skin condition. Doctor told us that from all points of view smoking is never good for skin – even if it lowers acne severity, you still have other hundred minuses and smoker’s acne (as we see now).

So it’s hard to underestimate harm smoking causes for one’s skin.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Adult Acne and Smoking

Acne is a problem of almost every teenager, but adult acne can be real curse for an adult. Acne is not a serious medical problem, but pimples affect they way one senses the world, self-esteem and bring stresses.

Adult acne are often of non-inflammatory type, as well as “smoker’s acne”. But you should understand that smoking can be the main, but not the only cause of one’s acne. Others are stresses, hormonal misbalance (testosterone is often blamed to be the cause of acne), food, drugs, alcohol, also genes, climate, lack of sleep. Doctors say that dirt can be the cause of acne too, because clogged pores are often the base for new pimples. Still you should know, that washing your face too often will only worsen the situation.

But let’s get to adult acne and smoking. Smoker’s acne is probably not the only thing you will get from smoking. It also affects general state of health and work of almost every system in your organism, so it will cause health stresses and different negative effects.

If you had the problem with acne in your teenage years, it is four times bigger chances that you will meet adult acne problem if smoking.

Kicking the habit is a brilliant idea for it will not only help you with other health issues but also will leave much bigger chances to avoid Adult Acne.

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